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28-Jul-2022Vanilla mode F2P beta!

The beta world for the 1x vanilla mode has been opened! Come join everyone else on the intended 2005 way to play the game!

This also comes with its own hiscores!

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22-May-2022Ranging Guild

New to Scape05 - just east of Hemenster comes the Rangers' Guild, complete with new shops, a training area and an archery target mini game.

5-May-2022Client Discord integration

We now have Discord integration with the Scape05 game client! This shows you're "Playing Scape05" with some other small information for other Discord members to see!

This is just scratching the surface of the capabilities that Discord has to offer so stay tuned for more interesting integrations in the future.

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17-Apr-2022Good ol' Easter

The Easter Bunny has come, and can be found hopping around somewhere near Falador. She tends to move around quite fast, so it might take you a while to find her.

She wants to hand out chocolate eggs to all players, but she can't do it without help, and everyone who lends a hand will get a reward.

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